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It's time to look back on the 50th anniversary of the Centerville, Ohio Jazz Band in 2016, and it's been a while. After retiring from health care, Paul's wife, Jan, got the music bug when their three daughters joined the Centerville Ohio jazz band. Paul and Jan performed to serve for years as president of the Centerville Band Booster Co. when their children performed until the girls graduated and got into their respective careers.

She continued her education at Wright State and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Education. When she returned to Centerville, she decided to graduate as a Spanish teacher in upstate New York, improve her stage performance and singing, and continue to perform everywhere and in front of everyone. Wayne earned his bachelor's degree from Indiana University and his master's degree in music education from Ohio State University.

He teaches music lessons and workshops, including music lessons for elementary, middle and high school students, as well as performances in the music department of Centerville High School and other schools in the area.

He is also a member of the Centerville High School Marching Band and the Central Ohio Regional Band Association. He was also music director at the College of Arts and Sciences at Ohio State University and teacher of marching bands at the University of Ohio, Ohio University and other colleges and universities.

He was also music director at the College of Arts and Sciences at Ohio State University and teacher of marching bands at the University of Ohio, Ohio University and other colleges and universities.

The orchestral program of the CHS consists of an alternative string program that plays bluegrass, jazz and electronic music. Centerville High School also has five choirs known as Choirs, Choirs of Excellence, Concert Choir, Orchestra, Performing Arts and Chorus and the Music Department.

Famous performers who performed in the hall included Elvis Presley, Billie Holiday, Elvis Costello, Jerry Lee Lewis, John Prine, George Harrison and The Grateful Dead. Brandon Barrometti leads the marching band at Centerville High School, the first to be built in 1924. The drummer is Annie D'Agostino, a member of the US Army Corps of Engineers. These uniforms are new for the 2008 season and give the marching unit a shining golden glow.

From the late 1950s, Elvis introduced a new style of music that blended the black-sounding rhythm and blues genre with the white sound of country music. Looking back on the influence Elvis had on rock and roll, the band includes an Elvis-inspired original composition by Andrew Markworth as well as original compositions by the Grateful Dead.

Wayne developed a marching band known as the Centerville Jazz Band, which performed at OMEA state conferences and on the field in jazz format. This unique and entertaining ensemble of over 200 members has been consistently awarded superior ratings and accolades by the National Association of State High School Music Administrators (NHSAA).

The Centerville Jazz Band had the honor of winning the BOA Regional Championships in a row, with 8 wins from 2002 - 2006, and also had a successful winning streak at the Ohio State High School Music Association (OMEA) 2006 - 2010, which won the BOA Regional Championship in a row. The regional champions were the Central Ohio Regional Science Bowl and the Cincinnati Regional Music Bowl. In addition to the regional championships, Centville has won in each of the Cinnati Regional Science Bowl the last three years, including the 2008-09 and 2009-10 seasons and the 2010-11 season.

The symphony orchestra has received the highest rating in the Superior range and Wayne has led many clinics and workshops for students and directors in addition to his involvement with the wind band. Christina is an assistant professor at the University of Dayton and has led the NHB Flute Ensemble, assisted the New Horizons Band, and has played the flute and piccolo in the Centerville High School Symphony Orchestra since 2001. She was active as a flute player and assisted with both the symphony and the high school orchestras.

The 2010-2011 Web Course is offered through the Music Education Program of the Music Department of Centerville High School. Music lessons are a shared learning experience in which teachers, music teachers and music students from different backgrounds work together with students to achieve goals. Spanish lessons that give young children and carers a unique opportunity to learn Spanish together.

We want to be able to focus on activities for the safety of musicians and children, so the focus is on music education and the safety of children. We expect students to leave the course with a good understanding of music and musical skills and to prepare them for their future career in the music industry, whether as musicians, music teachers or music teachers.

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